Transfer Fees:

- Rifle/Pistol - $20

- Each additional transfer at the same time $5, each

- NFA Item - $50

- No transfer fees from any item purchased directly from us.

- No transfer fees from any item purchased from Silencer Shop transferred to us.

Pickup your transfer at any time we are open.

NFA transfers can be a bit of a painful wait. We strive to be the best at communication and responses, so we will keep you also updated on every step of the way.

We process most of the NFA forms via the SilencerShop system. SilencerShop does add a mandatory $25 processing fees for adding out of SS network items and using their system. 

We have a SilencerShop SID Kiosk and if you would like to enroll in the system without transferring through us, the fee is $25.